Balcony – almost gone

So, this is quite depressing.  I’ve decided I hate balconies.  There’s not enough sunlight.  And I’ve decided I hate cottonwood trees.  The cotton gets all over the place, and in my pots, so now I have little green cotton sprouts growing in my pots.  I think it killed my rosebush too.  It looks so sad.  I think I’m just going to have to throw it away.  Maybe I’ll pick a better plant for a pot next time, though.  I’m glad I’m moving so the plants can get more sunlight in the backyard, and maybe I’ll get some produce.  *crosses fingers*

cucumber, cantaloupe  herbs  

zucchini  tomato

rose bush? *in mourning*

2 thoughts on “Balcony – almost gone

  1. I did get the site, and I just read it. I went out and looked at my tomato plant… and it looks horrible considering what they said. I think I might just give up on the pot garden. One of my zucchini plants is dead, and my herbs are now all gone. I keep on making bad decisions. 😦

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