What I’ve been doing

This summer so far has been lethargic, at least a little bit.  My brothers are here; they’re going to help me move.  They also helped me paint this bookshelf I got for $5 when I was working at Hobby Lobby.  I put another coat on too.  I’ve got some boxes packed.  My apartment looks like a complete wreck. 

boxes bookshelf

I finally got a harp for the lamp which I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $5ish and the lampshade at Hobby Lobby (I guess the lamp base was broken when they took it out of the box).  I’m taking Statistics this summer because I have to in order to get into the Education program, so I sit there and knit while he lectures.  It’s pretty convenient, so I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting my time.  Last year I tried to make a prayer rope, but when I got to the cross part I couldn’t figure out how to finish it, so I took a break from it, for a year.  Last Sunday I was in Mrs. M’s car and she had one on her rear-view mirror, I asked her how to do it and she told me.  So, I took out my 100 knots and started again.  It looks better this time.

 lamp skirt prayer rope 

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