New place

kitchen & dining room this is my kitchen and dining room.

bedroom this is my bedroom (glass doors separate it from the living room)

living room this is the living room – yes those are bookshelves on both sides of the ‘fireplace’… a very cool thing

window seats this is looking toward the south in my bedroom – the window seat opens up for storage.  I must say that the wood inside there looks like the best thing in the house.

It is incredibly dusty in the house and it smells like an old house too.  It’s obvious the previous tenant had a cat.  I don’t think she bothered to clean after she left.  In the bathroom, for instance, you can see cat hair (at least I hope it’s cat hair) along the top edges of the molding, and in the corners on the floor.  I take showers with my flip-flops on because I can’t get the stains off the floor – it’s probably just psychological. I can only open one window, the rest are broken or painted shut (whoever painted the kitchen was a moron).  I need some ventilation.  They’re supposed to change the air filter on Monday, so hopefully that’ll help some.

My allergies are going wild, and I’ve been consistently taking my medicine.  I got pink eye yesterday from cleaning too much.  Now I feel like someone’s hands are around my brain squeezing it.  It hurts.

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