Notice:  I will not be on facebook, AIM, or any forum for 3 weeks.  I will still check my email, and this blog, though.  End Notice.


This morning by happenstance I talked to a woman at Church who is moving to Wichita for a job here.  She asked me to tell her if I had news of anyone renting a room, and I told her my own situation.  So we talked a bit and it turns out that we’re going to be roommates.  After lunch, I went home, and she happened to find a duplex for rent.  She called me and I came out to have a look.  I am overwhelmed.  It has 3 floors.  If you walk in from the garage, you find a full bathroom, a kitchen and dining room, a bedroom, and a living room.  On the top floor you have another full bathroom, and a couple more bedrooms.  In the basement, you have another full bathroom (with washer/dryer hookups), a bedroom, and a den.  It’s wonderful.  We took it.  We could even use a third roommate.

So, I’m going to start packing again.  I can move in early because I’m living in a moldy place right now, which makes me constantly sick.  And I don’t have to pay for the extra days I’m moving in early.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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