I was on the phone for 1.5 hours with the AT&T people trying to figure out what was wrong with my internet connection…. that was set up today. Sometimes the lights on the modem flash red, sometimes they flash green… but when they’re solidly green… they’re good. Currently that’s what it’s like, BUT they’re having fits. I’m connected at Local only… so if this post never gets posted, it’s because I have another problem. And my phone’s almost dead.

Not having internet has probably been good for me though, besides the current frustration.

I’ve only got 4 more chapters to go in A History of Byzantium, by Timothy E. Gregory. He’s writing from a western perspective, but evidently not as western as Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire… as he says in the introduction. He’s pretty moderate in his responses to various references to the Orthodox Church, but it’s pretty evident from his word choice that he would side with the Iconoclasts. I wonder what an Orthodox History of Byzantium would look like.

I’m in the middle of History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography by Egon Wellesz, and Byzantine Music and Hymnography by Tillyard (seemingly not too academic – or organized). It really frustrates me that I’m not finding anything that’s from a Byzantine or Orthodox perspective. All these authors just integrate western ideals and presuppositions into their explanations and interpretations. ugh.

Other books include: Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing and The Sickness Unto Death by Kierkegaard, Woman and the Salvation of the World by Evdokimov.  I get so distracted… I’m not sure I’ve finished one book this summer, but I’ve sure started a lot.  Now if I can only get my bookshelf set up, I can find the ones I’ve started and finish them.

I have officially moved everything out of the old place. *yay*

Friday’s the last day of summer school, so pray for me if you think of it. I have 3 statistics tests this week. My teacher is insane. I’m not doing very well so far. My teacher’s from India, and he has a thick accent, and sometimes his words just all run together, especially if you’re concentrating on what he’s trying to say.

I started practicing clarinet again, though I’m a bit late… and I really shouldn’t have stopped practicing though… don’t tell Prof. Tirk…


p.s.  I think I found an acceptable doctoral program: Indiana University.  I get this.  And this guy.  And this guy.  Of course, I looked at the admissions and requirements for getting admitted and graduating with a Ph.D. in Musicology… and I’ll have to really do some studying and remedial work before I can even hope to get in.  I mean, whoever heard of “Aural Theory Review for Graduate Students” or “Sight Singing Review for Graduate Students”?  *beats head against the wall*  Oh yeah, and I have to learn a foreign language… Russian or Latin?  My second one will be Greek… hopefully.


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