St. John Chrysostom = Calvin… heck no

Are we all sinners because of the sin of Adam?  Does the stain of sin pass from one generation to another? Does every man, woman, and child on this earth stand condemned by God unless they hear and believe in Jesus Christ?  To most people this sounds utterly unreasonable and unjust; and indeed it is.  To anyone who believes that God loves his creation, and especially loves humanity, it is inconceivable that he should condemn people through no fault of their own.  The very idea that an innocent child deserves eternal punishment is monstrous.  yet is utterly reasonable that we are made good through the goodness of Christ.  Although the sin of one person cannot condemn humanity, the radiant love of one man can transform humanity – and is doing so.  God waits for our hearts to open to his grace; he waits for an opportunity to reveal to each of us his truth.  Then, when we are ready, he ensures that we hear about Christ and about his Gospel; and we find ourselves faced with a choice, which will affect the entire course of life and death – whether to embrace the words of Jesus Christ or to reject them. If we deliberately reject the Gospel, even when we fully understand it, then we condemn ourselves; if we embrace it, we shall ourselves be embraced by God in heaven.

On Living Simply – St. John Chrysostom

2 thoughts on “St. John Chrysostom = Calvin… heck no

  1. I wholeheartedly must disagree…

    Have you read Romans? We are born in sin, Slaves to sin, and must repent and believe in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This is a pretty clear cut issue, even for the Orthodox hehe 😛 !!!

    God hates sin. Before someone has come to know Christ’s love and his call to believe in Him, he is still a slave to Sin. And is therefore unapproachable by the Almighty. If we were able to to get to heaven without Christ, the Bible would fall apart from inconsistencies. Next thing you know you will tell me there is no hell…

    tim kurek

  2. Keep in mind that this was written sometime around the 4th century. This is without all the hype that modern evangelicals put on all the semantics around salvation.

    I came to realize, a while ago, that if every protestant is faithful to the logical conclusion of their presuppositions, they’d all be 5 point calvinists.

    St. John Chrysostom is not suggesting that we can ‘get to heaven’ without Christ. Indeed, he’s saying that we should embrace the Gospel.

    God does hate sin, but each person is fully responsible for making themselves a slave to sin, after all, we always have a choice to do good or evil. We don’t have a sin already applied to us at birth. We have a corrupted nature, but one that Christ took on himself, and therefore since Christ did not sin himself, we cannot assume that Adam’s sin was also applied to him… that would be blasphemous. I think that we’ve talked about that a little already.

    I have a completely different paradigm now, which I treasure. The hell subject… now that is a completely different thing.

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