Mission Statement: Revamped

Music is an essential part of a well-rounded person. Americans need to be more robust when it comes to the ability to enjoy life. The education system has the primary responsibility of educating future generations to be meaningful participants in society. Education should be about improving the individual person so they can be successful at life. Students need to be more informed about their own preferences and reasoning so they can take more enjoyment from all aspects of life. I place more emphasis on the means rather than the end product (however, the end will inevitably follow). The principles learned on the journey will be inferred when a student looks at a new challenge.

I will

* enhance students’ love for music
* teach how to enjoy life
* create musical experiences
* help students express themselves without words
* help students to apply all they know to a given concept/area
* help students to individually own music
* connect the students with music
* foster analytical thinking skills
* create independence in individual playing
* help students accomplish their own personal goals

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