Dot Mobile in Parents Magazine

So I don’t have to cut the instructions out, I thought I’d post it here for my records.

Dot Mobile

What you’ll need: 9 pieces of 12″ x 12″ cardstock. 2″ circle punch, small hole punch, 8mm jump rings, needle-nose pliers, hot-glue gun, 2 embroidery hoops (8″ and 6″), fishing line, screw hook.

Make it:

1. Cut circles with 2″ punch.

2. Punch holes about 1/8″ from top and bottom of each circle, and string 9 circles together using jump rings. For the top and bottom circle, only punch one hole. Make 12 strands.

3. Hot-glue top of circle of each strand to 8″ embroidery hoop; space them about 1/4″ apart.

4. Make 9 more strands and repeat with 6″ hoop.

5. Glue fishing line to three equidistant spots on inside of each hoop. Hang from hook, with 6″ hoop about 5″ lower than 8″ hoop.


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