Byzantine Hymnography

I’m going to start my research back up on Byzantine Hymnography. I contemplated doing a doctorate in the subject for a while, you know, before I got married and decided that going to Princeton was probably not the best idea in the world.

I did a little presentation on it in my graduate classes in music history. There are definitely a scarcity of resources in English about it. The most Western notable sources seemed to be Egon Wellesz and H.J.W. Tillyard, who it seemed through their writings had a skewed sense of the Orthodox Church, which is of course, the tradition that the hymnography is in.

I just looked on my computer for the power point presentation on Byzantine Hymnography and it’s 47 slides long. And my computer is being really slow in loading it.

Here’s my game plan – probably not in the right order – 

  • I have to learn Greek, and probably some other languages.
  • Find more sources for historical research, preferably ones that aren’t in the vein of Wellesz and/or Tillyard, more that come from within the Orthodox Church.
  • Be able to read Byzantine Notation
  • Be able to chant… will take loads of time.
  • Find more written manuscripts and recordings, not necessarily in western notation


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