Relish by Daphne Oz and Oh no, she didn’t by Clinton Kelly

More books not on my list to read, but I read them all the same.

I checked out Relish and Oh No She Didn’t from the library. I am an unabashed watcher of the Chew. I found that show after I started staying home with my children, so of course I have to read these books. 🙂

I read Oh No She Didn’t in one evening. It was a really fast read. I have to say that the fashion crime that I commit the most is wearing too many solids and solids all the time. Some of the anecdotes were hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times.


I absolutely loved this book. It is so helpful that I’m considering buying a copy for reference. She goes through recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails which I’ll definitely try. She goes through her weight struggle, which I identify with, in being overweight my entire life, and only now have I lost almost 50 pounds, with another 35 to go. There are tips for buying groceries that are healthy, fitness tips, tips to take care of your body (think hair, skin, etc.). There’s a chapter with explanations of how you should arrange and decorate your home, which I found quite helpful. One I found really awesome was the “Stress-Free Hostess” chapter. She includes a chapter on how to interact with family and friends: big emphasis on standards vs. expectations in there, many good points.

Other current reading: Treasure Island


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