Working the Garden

I’m continuing the summary for my own use of the Organic Gardening book I’m reading.

Chapter 4: Working the Organic Garden

If you plant your seeds in a hexagonal pattern, there will be less moisture loss and less germination of seeds because the foliage will cover the soil. Start by planting one seed at the corners and one seed in the center.

It is important to sterilize the seed starting equipment. Clean them and let them sit in a diluted bleach solution so as to get rid of any diseases that may be on the containers from last year.

Water the seedlings from the bottom – it encourages root growth. Mulch to reduce moisture loss. Only put mulch on a week after seedlings have become established in the garden. Turn the mulch under at the end of the season so it has time to decompose, don’t wait until the next spring.Use hay/straw/grass clippings as mulch. Most wood mulches rob the soil of nitrogen when they rot.

There’s a fairly large fruit/tree planting and care section, which I am skipping over because I don’t plan on doing that right now.

The next section is a detailed description of the plants. How to sow them and their care and maintenance, and how to harvest them.

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