Kitchen Cleaning

So I got my kitchen clean on today. I stayed in the kitchen for a really long time. Let me tell you that the kitchen looked a lot worse than the photo below when I started. I emptied the dishwasher twice today. And did the dishes twice today.


The bunch of dishes are air drying next to the sink. I didn’t feel like drying them. 20140416-220516.jpg

This cabinet is a jumbled mess.


Here’s the after. I put all the alcohol in the cabinet. It’s so much more organized now. I put all the medicine in a container on the bottom shelf and I only kept one bottle out just in case we have a rough night.20140416-220540.jpg

The top of the microwave is a catch all for papers and stuff I don’t know what to do with. And I always forget to wipe out the microwave when I do the dishes. 😦 I need to make a sign on the window so I don’t forget to do it.20140416-220555.jpg

The only thing on top of the microwave now is my car keys.


I guess it was a productive day. 🙂



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