Front Flower Bed update


Last year there was a rose bush that was probably around four feet tall right in the middle of the flower bed. My husband didn’t like it there, so we took it out. But it’s still trying to come back in four places… and some are not even in the flower bed.



I weeded and my husband bought some plants for the flower bed, so we planted those. I think we need to buy some more though. We only got two rows. And the bulbs that I planted last year didn’t come up. I’m not sure why. Weird.



There’s a forest in our front yard. The roots of the tree are not really covered by the soil, so everywhere you can see the roots coming up, they grow branches. Kind of annoying actually. My husband mowed the grass while I was weeding and pruned the branches he couldn’t get with the mower. Nice day of yard work.



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