Promising plants

20140523-111021-40221754.jpg These are the onions and shallots. I pulled a shallot for use in one of my dishes this week. It definitely needs some more time, however, it looks like the onion below is probably done. I guess I should pull it, but it looks like something you’d find in a smurf cartoon or something.


20140523-111020-40220108.jpgGreen beans are looking pretty good. There are even blooms on them. I’m pretty excited about green beans. My husband moved the soil around a bit. I don’t know if that’s helping or if it’s the heat that helps. Any ideas?

20140523-111018-40218569.jpg Tomato plants. I need to buy cages to help them keep upright. It’s  almost falling down. And there’s a Nasturtium plant near the bottom of the frame. A lot of things I read said they are good to plant with tomatoes.

20140523-111016-40216662.jpgZucchini. I’m encouraged by the look of those leaves.

I’m so excited to have it start producing.



In the front flower bed: I can’t seem to get rid of the rosebush. It just pops up all over the place. 😦


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