Winding way mitts- half done



These are pretty awesome. They go pretty quick. I have one done, and am just starting on the other one. I’m making it in a neon yellow that has a tinge of green in it when the light hits it. I have to say that I had to write out the chart so I could check it off, and even then, late at night, I was overthinking it and confusing myself, especially when it got to the cross over parts. I should just save myself the trouble and stop knitting after 10pm. Or knit something that doesn’t require as much brain power.

2 thoughts on “Winding way mitts- half done

  1. Love them in the yellow.. I’m working on them now… And am a bit confused on the thumb gusset on needles 2 and 3. I get needle 2 but am confused about needle 3. Where do the increases on needle 3 go?

    • There aren’t increases on the thumb gusset. You can pick up stitches on the part that has already been knitted. The pattern says to pick up 2 stitches per needle. However, when I was figuring this out, I watched a bunch of youtube videos and you can do it this way. You can pick up more than just 4 total stitches in order to not have a big hole. Then on the next row, I knit 2 together to get back to the 4 stitches… and no holes. Then you continue knitting in pattern. I hope that helps!

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