Small snowflakes


I measured my gauge on size 3 needles with the grey yarn in stockinette stitch. It was 6 stitches to an inch. So I figured that I’d do 108 stitches for a youth size head at 18 inches, according to a chart I found. I just checked the gauge and it’s 8 stitches to an inch. So it’s a lot smaller than I calculated. Also it’s not as stretchy as I would like either. I just put it on my daughter’s 3 year old head to check, and it was pretty tight. So I think I’m going to have to take it out and start over. Maybe I should do bigger needles. I’m also not sure why the edge is rolling. It’s a k1,p1 rib, but the knit is one color, and the purl is another color, I don’t know if that would effect it at all.



Read about the inspiration for this hat here: Fair Isle Custom Order


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