Garden seeds



I just placed my seed order for my garden this year. I am so so so excited! I got the above catalogs in the mail. The top one is just so awesome. Full of heirloom seeds, plants and varieties I didn’t even know existed. AND the price for each packet of seeds so about half as much as the seeds from the Burpee catalog.





This is my order:


Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean

Rapini Broccoli

Waltham 29 Broccoli

Clemson Spineless Okra

Zucchini Fordhook Squash

Table Queen Acorn Squash

Riesentraube Tomato

Amish Paste Tomato

Brandywine Tomato

Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts

Attila Strawberry



Basil – Genovese

Chives Common

Dill Bouquet

Echinacea Purpurea


Parsley Giant Of Italy




To attract beneficial bugs


Andrella Super Mix- Asters

Covent Garden – Baby’s Breath

Amish White – Cockscomb

Swan River Daisy Mixed

Dacapo Light Blue – Morning Glory

Yellow Pygmy Sunflower


Rare seeds didn’t have any blueberry plants so I ordered a dwarf container variety from Burpee.

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