Hot Dawg!



I got this in my stocking for Christmas. I had seen it before, but hadn’t thought it worth my money to buy such a thing. I have a couple complaints about it. The cutting tool isn’t sharp, which I suppose is okay for safety and kids, but it makes it rather difficult to cut through the all beef franks that I bought. You have to make sure that it’s exactly lined up with the bottom or it won’t go through. When it does go through, beware, you may get hot dog juice on your glasses or shirt, the fat generally goes everywhere, that’s why I put a paper towel underneath the tool. If your kid doesn’t like the casing of the hot dog, then congratulations, this tool basically peels it for you. I waited to clean it until later that day the first time I used it. Not so the second time. The hot dog fat was really tough to get off if you let it sit there, so definitely rinse it off. You also need to have a tiny scrub brush to get in the crevices to get the hot dog casing out when you clean it. The kids are very amused by me using it. So, if you have it, use it at the table and let your kids see it happening, that’s the best thing about this.


Cleaning my Catch-all Closet

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I forgot to take a picture of my closet as a before picture. I took everything out, like the pros say, and I readjusted the shelves to be all on the left side of the closet. That second photo made me feel a little overwhelmed. So much stuff unorganized. I need more totes. If I don’t know what to do with it, I generally just put it in the closet somewhere.

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I put a bunch of stuff back in. I’ve got Christmas decorations, Fall decorations, Music decorations, and stuff from China, a whole box of gift wrap, a tote of fabric, craft supplies, school supplies, a bunch of frames. Half of me wants to get rid of stuff, but the other part of me doesn’t want to because we’re only renting now. and It’s quite possible that I’m going to need it when we get a house, and it’s better to keep stuff than to buy it later. I guess this is how accumulating so much stuff starts.  But at least it’s not so much, we’ve only been married 4 1/2 years. It’s not quite done yet, but it’ll get there soon.

I moved the bookshelves

IMG_0100.JPGSo after I found this… I told them to put the books away.

IMG_0101.JPGThis is what that looks like…

IMG_0102.JPGThen I went upstairs to put one kid up for a nap, and it turned out like this….

So after the umpteenth time of this happening, I moved the bookshelves up the stairs to my bedroom. According to my iPhone I have climbed 25 floors today.

IMG_0105.JPGNow the books are organized by type… though not by author or some series… my husband seems to remind me. I think I’ll leave it like that so my husband has something to tease me about… other than dirty kitchen floors, dirty dishes in the sink and all the other chores that I can’t seem to get done. He’s the best. He doesn’t mention it. 🙂

Cleaning Kitchen Chairs

My husband repaired our kitchen chairs last Saturday. The back fell off one of the chairs after my daughter had pulled it over on the floor. So he did a little maintenance on them. I was cleaning some of the sticky off of them with Goo Gone. It worked on the leather seat cushions, but it made the wood on the chairs look absolutely horrible. So I found a cleaner to use for the wood. Thomasville Kitchen cabinet cream. It was the only cleaner that was for wood. There were wood polishes and hardwood floor cleaner, but I chose this one… and good thing I did.

Kitchen Cleaning

So I got my kitchen clean on today. I stayed in the kitchen for a really long time. Let me tell you that the kitchen looked a lot worse than the photo below when I started. I emptied the dishwasher twice today. And did the dishes twice today.


The bunch of dishes are air drying next to the sink. I didn’t feel like drying them. 20140416-220516.jpg

This cabinet is a jumbled mess.


Here’s the after. I put all the alcohol in the cabinet. It’s so much more organized now. I put all the medicine in a container on the bottom shelf and I only kept one bottle out just in case we have a rough night.20140416-220540.jpg

The top of the microwave is a catch all for papers and stuff I don’t know what to do with. And I always forget to wipe out the microwave when I do the dishes. 😦 I need to make a sign on the window so I don’t forget to do it.20140416-220555.jpg

The only thing on top of the microwave now is my car keys.


I guess it was a productive day. 🙂



The refrigerator is now clean

My husband brought it to my attention that my eldest daughter hasn’t eaten dinner at least 6 of the last 7 nights. I didn’t realize that it was that bad. So we decided that it’s time to change. Regardless of whether you agree with this attempt at trying to get our child to eat, I’ve accomplished some things today with the advantage of supervising the kitchen table for the past three hours.

I have cleaned the refrigerator. I took out all the food, one shelf at a time though. I was a bit too lazy to get the cooler out of the garage. I cleaned it with warm soapy water, dried it off, and put plastic wrap around it because I saw that on Pinterest.

There are some things that come from making your kid sit at the table until she eats her lunch.