New blog

I’ve been posting a lot of food on this blog… which was not originally what it was intended for. So I started another blog which will only be food related: Transforming Eating.

This blog will be related to crafty things like knitting (hence connect the knots), sewing, and upcycling.

Speaking of upcycling… sometimes I think dumpster diving would be a good idea, but of course, I never do it. There’s a family video right outside our house that is adding a pizza place, so there are three big dumpsters that look like they’ve got some pretty good stuff in it – mostly wood that could be recycled. I don’t have any woodworking tools though. Yet another reason why I don’t go dumpster diving.


Fair Isle hats

I have made two hats recently. This first one is an adult woman sized hat. I used a flower pattern that i found on interest – it was too big though, I had to start decreasing in the middle of the pattern.


This one is for a baby, neutral colors as they don’t know the gender of the baby. I made the color pattern myself and used a basic stocking cap pattern. I think it turned out well. This one only took me about two days to finish.


Knitting projects

I knit this one from a ravelry download: A simple seamless dress. I have to say that it got really boring in the middle of the dress because it’s a bunch of knit stitches without any shaping. I put it down for a while during that phase because I just had to do something else more interesting.



This hat was my first attempt at fair isle knitting. I found the fair isle pattern in a book, and I used a basic hat pattern for the shaping. I realized that you can’t use a connecting pattern if you’re knitting in the round because it’ll look like you’re one stitch off where you join in the round. Also I need to figure out a better way to do the top of the hat as far as  figuring out when I’m decreasing and how to keep the pattern the same visually. This hat is for a toddler, at least it fits my 2 1/2 year old.

A group of my sister-in-laws are making baby oriented products like hats, blankets, bibs, etc. to sell at a local craft fair later this year. So I figured I’d start early so I’d have enough stuff to sell.

Car Seat Pillow

I decided to make a car seat pillow for my eldest daughter for our road trip next week. I started cutting out two pieces of fabric. Both six inches wide and 3-4 feet long. I didn’t really measure how long it should be.

I sewed around three edges and the corners at 45 degree angles, and cut the edges off.

I stuffed it with poly-fil and then sewed the bottom together.

My daughter said it’s pretty. 🙂

Mail Holder

I wanted to make a mail holder for our home office, but I needed some rather stiff fabric. I used the fabric to the left because I was pretty sure my husband wouldn’t be too fond of the bright neon orange below.

The first thing I did was to iron the fabric, first to get the wrinkles out, then second to form the creases to stick the mail in.

I sewed the ends and the sides together so it wouldn’t fall apart.

I took the piece of cardboard that came with my frame and wrapped the fabric around it, and put it in the frame.

Now it’s hanging up inside the door to the office.

New Beginnings

I have decided that it would be a good idea to start contributing to the blog world again.

I’m looking to start an etsy shop after I get enough inventory: mainly focusing on baby and childhood accessories. I haven’t figured out a name or if I’m going to have a partner in this business.

Dot Mobile in Parents Magazine

So I don’t have to cut the instructions out, I thought I’d post it here for my records.

Dot Mobile

What you’ll need: 9 pieces of 12″ x 12″ cardstock. 2″ circle punch, small hole punch, 8mm jump rings, needle-nose pliers, hot-glue gun, 2 embroidery hoops (8″ and 6″), fishing line, screw hook.

Make it:

1. Cut circles with 2″ punch.

2. Punch holes about 1/8″ from top and bottom of each circle, and string 9 circles together using jump rings. For the top and bottom circle, only punch one hole. Make 12 strands.

3. Hot-glue top of circle of each strand to 8″ embroidery hoop; space them about 1/4″ apart.

4. Make 9 more strands and repeat with 6″ hoop.

5. Glue fishing line to three equidistant spots on inside of each hoop. Hang from hook, with 6″ hoop about 5″ lower than 8″ hoop.

What do stay-at-home moms do?

Since my husband would like me to stay home, and I wouldn’t mind that myself, I need to do something productive during the day, besides taking care of baby Anastasia.

So I’m making a list of things that I need to do.





Water flowers



Menu Planning

Vacuum & Mop Floor

Grocery Shopping



Vacuum sofas


Maybe I’ll start small to not get overwhelmed

New Skirt

I made this today.  It required hand-sewing… which I am not very inclined to do, but it’s nice.  I got the pattern from this book.  I checked it out from the library, but I would love to have my own copy.  There are some pretty darned cool things in it.

And I finished this prayer rope that I’d been working on for a while.