Basil And Tomatoes

This is my harvest from the garden today. My cherry tomato plant has been doing really well. I did select an indeterminate type. I have four other tomato plants and two have some that are ripening. I planted some determinate plants as well. Two of the plants are basically falling over with their cages. 

I planted some basil … A lot of it actually but only one plant survived. Maybe next year I’ll do better at transplanting. So I was surprised because last year I also planted basil but it never really did very well. 


So is this a good bug or a bad bug?

Aren’t they pretty. I’m so glad that there are at least some flowers that I planted from seed that are blooming and surviving. But I guess there must be a reason why the state flower of Kansas is the sunflower. It’d be pretty bad if I killed sunflowers in my garden. 

Garden Update

A couple of the tomato plants that I started from seed are still growing… Severely smaller than the ones that I bought as a fail safe… Which follow. 

I picked the first ripe tomato yesterday. It’s small, but it was really good. 

Eggplant that I got half off. I hope I get at least one before the seasons over. 

Sunflower. The ones I ordered were Pygmy sunflowers.  I thought they were supposed to be small. Guess not. 

The green beans are growing nicely. 

A pollinator for the acorn squash plant! Yay!

My compost garden


This is the very first compost pile that I made last year. I just put all the kitchen scraps in it and let it go. I’m not sure what all those plants are, but some look like tomatoes and others like squash or pumpkins. I don’t know if it’s completely safe to put this on the garden yet. I still see eggshells in it. What do you think? Spread it on the garden now?

Garden goodness


This zucchini plant has blossoms on it. It is the one I bought from the store. The one I planted from seed has 3 leaves. 


A pretty good looking watermelon plant. I did plant that one from seed. 


Okra from seed. Not too shabby. 

One of the tomato plants. Bought it from the store. They all look good. 


So this is the end of the sunflower plant. Maybe the ants killed the fly. I’m not sure. They were climbing all over it. 


I put up some string wrapped around the fence so that the green beans had something to climb on. One of them already is taking to it. Yay. Now if only I can get the acorn squash plant to follow. 


Garden Fail

This is one of my tomato plants that may or may not survive. I planted at least 8 plants… twice. This is one of the leftovers. I don’t know if it will survive, but I’ll leave it just in case. I think I watered them too much possibly. Plus the lack of fertilizer probably has something to do with it. We bought some fertilizer and I think it’s helping. It has rained so much in the past month that the top of the soil is now green. My husband told me that I should turn the soil over, so I did. Hopefully it won’t rain so much anymore. This week we don’t have a huge chance of rain so that’s a welcome improvement for having three or four days of rain a week for two or three weeks. There’s still standing water in our backyard.

As a fail safe I bought some other tomato plants that were much more mature than seedlings. I bought an heirloom tomato plant (red with yellow streaks), cherry, roma, beefsteak, and another one I don’t exactly remember.

I saw this flower at the Garden center with a bee buzzing around it. I took that as a good sign and bought it in hopes that it would attract beneficial bugs to help with the garden pests.