Garden goodness


This zucchini plant has blossoms on it. It is the one I bought from the store. The one I planted from seed has 3 leaves. 


A pretty good looking watermelon plant. I did plant that one from seed. 


Okra from seed. Not too shabby. 

One of the tomato plants. Bought it from the store. They all look good. 


So this is the end of the sunflower plant. Maybe the ants killed the fly. I’m not sure. They were climbing all over it. 


I put up some string wrapped around the fence so that the green beans had something to climb on. One of them already is taking to it. Yay. Now if only I can get the acorn squash plant to follow. 


Spinach Pies


This is my first attempt at making spinach pies. That top one on the left was my first attempt. Whoops. 

Notes for the next time I make them: make smaller balls of dough. Make sure you oil them when they rise. Roll them out thinner. Use more lemon juice. And my husband requested an addition to the recipe: garlic. 

Also these take all day to make… Especially if you make them on Holy Friday and you go to all the services. I finished one tray of them right before we left for the Lamentations service and I put he rest in the refrigerator to bake off when I got home at 10. I spent pretty much the whole day on my feet. I am feeling it now. 



Maybe I got a little overzealous in the amount of seeds that I put in each container. I guess I’m used to having old seeds. But these are awesome. I’m so excited!

Garden Beds

Little ones have been digging in my raised bed. 😞

My husband started  putting together more beds as we are expanding our garden. 

We’re going to buy some dirt tonight. I’m excited. Time to start some more seeds tomorrow. 

Hot Dawg!



I got this in my stocking for Christmas. I had seen it before, but hadn’t thought it worth my money to buy such a thing. I have a couple complaints about it. The cutting tool isn’t sharp, which I suppose is okay for safety and kids, but it makes it rather difficult to cut through the all beef franks that I bought. You have to make sure that it’s exactly lined up with the bottom or it won’t go through. When it does go through, beware, you may get hot dog juice on your glasses or shirt, the fat generally goes everywhere, that’s why I put a paper towel underneath the tool. If your kid doesn’t like the casing of the hot dog, then congratulations, this tool basically peels it for you. I waited to clean it until later that day the first time I used it. Not so the second time. The hot dog fat was really tough to get off if you let it sit there, so definitely rinse it off. You also need to have a tiny scrub brush to get in the crevices to get the hot dog casing out when you clean it. The kids are very amused by me using it. So, if you have it, use it at the table and let your kids see it happening, that’s the best thing about this.


Bake Sale

Last week I was productive, but not knitting wise. My Church had a big dinner, which we prepare for months, but seeing as I have kids, I can’t help with that part of it. In addition to the big dinner, there’s the country kitchen where everyone bakes their favorite foods. I made 8 mini loaves of pumpkin bread, 2 coffee cakes (it didn’t come out of the pan perfectly, so I only got to use 12 wedges), and 4 dozen milk chocolate chip cookies, which are pretty addictive.

DSCN0884 DSCN0885

New blog

I’ve been posting a lot of food on this blog… which was not originally what it was intended for. So I started another blog which will only be food related: Transforming Eating.

This blog will be related to crafty things like knitting (hence connect the knots), sewing, and upcycling.

Speaking of upcycling… sometimes I think dumpster diving would be a good idea, but of course, I never do it. There’s a family video right outside our house that is adding a pizza place, so there are three big dumpsters that look like they’ve got some pretty good stuff in it – mostly wood that could be recycled. I don’t have any woodworking tools though. Yet another reason why I don’t go dumpster diving.