I cleaned up a little downstairs so I could start scanning pictures. Above is my scanning station.

My grandmother and great-grandmother cared a lot about pictures and documents demonstrating family history. There are a bunch of binders full of it – which will eventually disintegrate, so my “job” is to digitize it. I’m scanning the pictures in as JPEGs and the printed documents as PDFs and JPEGs. PDFs are searchable by text so you can find what you’re looking for.

I started using to research my husband’s family and my own. I really like their mobile app too. I remember using Family Tree Maker when I was in high school and technology has sure come a long way.

The Great and Holy War

I majored in history in college and I guess you could say I was mostly interested in religious history. This is the type of book I’m interested in. I don’t exactly have the same paradigm as the author, but you never really hear about the religious side of, well, anything really. I’m in the middle of this book, but I’m looking forward to finishing it.