Garden Fail

This is one of my tomato plants that may or may not survive. I planted at least 8 plants… twice. This is one of the leftovers. I don’t know if it will survive, but I’ll leave it just in case. I think I watered them too much possibly. Plus the lack of fertilizer probably has something to do with it. We bought some fertilizer and I think it’s helping. It has rained so much in the past month that the top of the soil is now green. My husband told me that I should turn the soil over, so I did. Hopefully it won’t rain so much anymore. This week we don’t have a huge chance of rain so that’s a welcome improvement for having three or four days of rain a week for two or three weeks. There’s still standing water in our backyard.

As a fail safe I bought some other tomato plants that were much more mature than seedlings. I bought an heirloom tomato plant (red with yellow streaks), cherry, roma, beefsteak, and another one I don’t exactly remember.

I saw this flower at the Garden center with a bee buzzing around it. I took that as a good sign and bought it in hopes that it would attract beneficial bugs to help with the garden pests.

Reading a Good Book Outside



The weather lately has been wonderful. It feels pretty awesome to be outside (except for the inevitable muddy shoes… and pants). I love reading while watching the kids play outside. I’m reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. It’s a really entertaining read also very informative. One new goal for this year, kind of inspired by this book and others I’ve read is that I’m going to try to reduce our family’s meat intake so I can buy an organic chicken and make it last. We already do two days vegan, and one other main meal meatless.

Zoo Trip

Last Thursday we went to the zoo. Something new to do.

DSCN0835 DSCN0830 DSCN0826 DSCN0815 DSCN0818 DSCN0812 DSCN0821 DSCN0812

The girls had lots of fun petting the goats, sheep and fish.

DSCN0794 DSCN0789

DSCN0797This turkey would come closer to me every time I would kneel down to take a picture. My husband knelt down to and it immediately started walking toward him. A little too close for comfort,a t least for me.


We have a lot of spiders around our house. They’re really interesting. One day there was a huge spider on our front door. I have no idea what kind it was, it was a little bit bigger than a silver dollar… ok maybe a lot bigger than a silver dollar. My husband took care of it before I got a picture. I wasn’t exactly on the ball with the camera on that one. This one has been on my front door for the past two days.  It looks gold, very interesting. I generally don’t kill spiders if they are outside… although that huge one was an exception because I thought to myself… if I found that one inside I would be screaming and jumping up and down. So it bit the dust.


Worms and the little toddlers who cried wolf… or worm

DSCN0751 I found these on my tomato plants this morning. I got to close and then I cried “what the heck is that?” I had never seen one before. They were clearing off the leaves on my plants and some tomatoes. They look rather sad now. Evidently they are hornworms, and there’s nothing to do but take them off. No, I did not use my hands directly. I’m a little squeamish for that. I can tell you that they squirt green juice if it takes a while to take them off with a long metal scooper thing, yes, that is the technical term. I found four of them this morning, and just now I found two more. I took four of my almost ripe tomatoes off the plants just in case I didn’t see one and it decided to eat my whole plant while I was sleeping.

This morning when I was picking them off, my daughter and nephew, 3 and almost 3, respectively, were pointing and saying “worm!” and screaming. They told me they saw a worm… everywhere apparently. I never really understood how annoying it was to have someone cry wolf.


Company Picnic at Tanganika


The company my husband works for had their company picnic at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. I had never been there before. I had never petted so many animals before. It’s pretty amazing that they do that. It’s a lot better than the county zoo.DSCN0303 DSCN0304 DSCN0306 DSCN0310 DSCN0311 DSCN0312

She’s like, here, pet the animal – I don’t remember what it was – but Alexa wasn’t so brave. She’s like, let go of my hand.DSCN0313 DSCN0316

You can feed the giraffes. DSCN0317 DSCN0320 DSCN0321

They even keep the babies with their mommies, which is awesome. This one is about 6 months old. I could sit there and watch them all day.DSCN0323 DSCN0324

I had never pet a penguin before. Pretty darn cool. So soft.DSCN0325 DSCN0326

You can pet the kangaroos.
DSCN0331 DSCN0335

You can feed the lorikeets. And they’ll land on you.DSCN0337 DSCN0339 DSCN0344 DSCN0302It was a good day. Whoever planned it did an excellent job.


Front Flower Bed update


Last year there was a rose bush that was probably around four feet tall right in the middle of the flower bed. My husband didn’t like it there, so we took it out. But it’s still trying to come back in four places… and some are not even in the flower bed.



I weeded and my husband bought some plants for the flower bed, so we planted those. I think we need to buy some more though. We only got two rows. And the bulbs that I planted last year didn’t come up. I’m not sure why. Weird.



There’s a forest in our front yard. The roots of the tree are not really covered by the soil, so everywhere you can see the roots coming up, they grow branches. Kind of annoying actually. My husband mowed the grass while I was weeding and pruned the branches he couldn’t get with the mower. Nice day of yard work.


Garden Update


We had some trouble with the zucchini and cucumber. I thought I was overwatering, so I cut back. But that was evidently not the right thing to do. So now we’re watering a lot more now.




The tomato plants aren’t doing that bad.



The onions are sure taking off.


The green beans are lookin’ good. I don’t know what’s up with the one without leaves. Maybe bunnies.