Vineyard Lace Fingerless Gloves

I started this today. I’m using some cotton yarn. I’m not sure it’s the best choice, but I guess we’ll see. It looks great so far. The pattern is the Vineyard Lace Fingerless Gloves on Ravelry. The color is a light blue, although it looks green on the computer. I’m trying to use the yarn that I have before I go buy some more for Christmas presents.


So is this a good bug or a bad bug?

Aren’t they pretty. I’m so glad that there are at least some flowers that I planted from seed that are blooming and surviving. But I guess there must be a reason why the state flower of Kansas is the sunflower. It’d be pretty bad if I killed sunflowers in my garden. 


This scarf stitch pattern got old really fast. I probably should have made it longer. It is so pretty though. I did mess up twice, and I didn’t realize it until I bound it off. Oops. I did decide to not put a fringe on it. It doesn’t roll on the sides though, which is pretty cool. 

Garden Update

A couple of the tomato plants that I started from seed are still growing… Severely smaller than the ones that I bought as a fail safe… Which follow. 

I picked the first ripe tomato yesterday. It’s small, but it was really good. 

Eggplant that I got half off. I hope I get at least one before the seasons over. 

Sunflower. The ones I ordered were Pygmy sunflowers.  I thought they were supposed to be small. Guess not. 

The green beans are growing nicely. 

A pollinator for the acorn squash plant! Yay!

Honey Cowl

I finished this cowl today. I’m so excited to really finish something (for Christmas) way before I started knitting for Christmas last year.


I used two skeins, and thank God I had enough yarn to finish without running out. The tail above is all I had left. Nothing like cutting it close.

I really love how the stitch pattern looks. This is the pattern on Ravelry. This is my project page on Ravelry, showing the details.


You can wear it without wrapping it around your neck… and fit a kid in there. Or you can wrap it around your neck twice and be super warm. I think I might make myself one because you won’t have to worry about the scarf ends blowing off your shoulder.

My compost garden


This is the very first compost pile that I made last year. I just put all the kitchen scraps in it and let it go. I’m not sure what all those plants are, but some look like tomatoes and others like squash or pumpkins. I don’t know if it’s completely safe to put this on the garden yet. I still see eggshells in it. What do you think? Spread it on the garden now?