Vineyard Lace Fingerless Gloves

I started this today. I’m using some cotton yarn. I’m not sure it’s the best choice, but I guess we’ll see. It looks great so far. The pattern is the Vineyard Lace Fingerless Gloves on Ravelry. The color is a light blue, although it looks green on the computer. I’m trying to use the yarn that I have before I go buy some more for Christmas presents.

Honey Cowl

I finished this cowl today. I’m so excited to really finish something (for Christmas) way before I started knitting for Christmas last year.


I used two skeins, and thank God I had enough yarn to finish without running out. The tail above is all I had left. Nothing like cutting it close.

I really love how the stitch pattern looks. This is the pattern on Ravelry. This is my project page on Ravelry, showing the details.


You can wear it without wrapping it around your neck… and fit a kid in there. Or you can wrap it around your neck twice and be super warm. I think I might make myself one because you won’t have to worry about the scarf ends blowing off your shoulder.

Scarf is finally done



I finally got this scarf done for my husband to his approved length. The last two times I went to the store to buy the yarn for it, it was sold out, so I drove across town to the west side store to buy it.

Somehow my scissor handles broke. I guess I should stop leaving my knitting bag on the ground.

Scarf and Hat



I made this scarf in one day. I used the last of this yarn on it. It’s more of an infant/toddler size scarf. It is a basic garter stitch using size 15 needles and two worsted weight yarn strands. It’s 30 inches long. It feels cuddly.


I knit this hat last month sometime, I don’t think I ever posted it because it wasn’t with the rest of my finished knits. It’s an adult size hat.


Mittens for Mom

I wanted to make something for my mom for Christmas. We settled on mittens. She wanted to be able to push the button on her camera with her finger, but had to take her whole glove off to do it, so I thought fingerless mittens were the way to go… and then I’m to add a top to the mittens. I tried to find a pattern on ravelry that would do it, but I think I’m going to try and meld two together.

Flip Flap Mittens and Snowy Woods Mittens

I read through the flip flap mittens pattern and determined that I had to do it myself just as the pattern was written before trying to take the flip flap part of it out and add it to the Snowy Woods Mittens. So I’m knitting a pair of flip flap mittens for myself. I knitted three swatches today, using a size 3, 4, and 5 needle. The gauge on the 4 & 5 was exactly the same…. weird, I thought. And evidently I knit waaaay to tight, because size 3 was way off. Needle 4 is only a tiny bit off, so I’m going to use that one, though the pattern calls for size 3. I’m glad I checked the gauge, I usually don’t. Maybe I will from now on. The only bad part is that I don’t have size 4 double pointed needles. I’m using this yarn. I’m rather excited about it. It looked pretty awesome when I was swatching it.


So in the meantime I started the infant mittens from purl soho until I can get the DPNs. I’m using 3 ply yarn and no accents for this particular pair. We’ll see how it works out.