Arrow Blanket

I finished knitting the blanket last night. I like it so much I want to keep it.

I wanted to do something with fair isle, but I realized half way through that I should’ve just used a double stitch over the white stockinette to get the arrows instead of doing fair isle. Although that wouldn’t have been so much fun and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be done at all because to knit that much without a pattern is pretty boring.

I saw the arrow pattern on pinterest, and then I bought it on Etsy. It’s really a crosstitch pattern though. I just added some white space on the sides.

All that’s left for me to do is block it because the bottom edge likes to roll up. And then I’ll have to buy some white fabric to attach to the back so that the floats don’t get caught on anything.


Baby Blanket


My cousin has decided to become a foster mother. She’s approved for infants to 2 year olds… which means she’s not going to get a lot of sleep. But I thought I’d give her some of my hand knits. I’m using two strands of baby yarn together and a 10 1/2 circular needle. I think this is going to be awesome. After I’m done blocking it, I’m going to put a piece of fabric on the back so you can’t pull the fair isle floats. I’m using a cross stitch pattern as my fair isle pattern. I bought it on Etsy. I’m planning on doing most of them blue, and one of them bright neon yellow. I hope it turns out well.



Our First Craft Fair

We had a booth at Walton’s 7th Annual Rural Life Festival. It was the first time that my sister-in-laws and I got together to try and sell our crafts. It was a super small craft fair… /flea market. I think that our table looked like one of the best there. However, there weren’t many people there. We had baby quilts, the everything blanket (good for swaddling, a covering when nursing, a car seat cover, you know – everything), crochet baby headbands, and my knitted hats, mittens, scarves, and handwarmers. We didn’t have very much luck selling. We sold three things: two everything blankets and one scarf. We’re going to try doing a facebook page – although we have yet to figure out a name, and sell our stuff from that. However, if you’re interested, you can send me a message or a comment and you can custom order anything from here.