Garden progress

   These are the best looking plants of the bunch. Watermelon. And I used old seeds too.  Pretty awesome.   Below is the second watermelon plant. I honestly didn’t think that any watermelon would come up at all. I planted about 10 seeds and these two plants came up.    

These are carrots. I planted the rest of the packet, old seeds. I didn’t think any would come up. Happy surprise.   

This is thyme. Old seeds again. I planted some last year, but it did NOT do well. I hope this continues in a good way. I use thyme a lot in my cooking.   

A green bean starting to come through. I love green beans. I hope we get loads of green beans so I can can them. 

   This is broccoli. Not too bad. I’ve never grown it before. It looks super interesting.  The kids are having fun looking in the milk jugs.