New Youth Sized Hats



I used size 8 needles on this one. It’s a 2×2 rib, but with cables periodically in the knitted stitches.


I used size 7 needles on this one. It’s a plain 2×2 rib. Perfect for a manly 7 year old, right?


Uncrossed Cables Hat




I had my own pattern in my head when I was making this hat. I started with a 2×2 rib on the rim and kept three of them as cables, while using reverse stockinette stitch. I think though I should have just used a garter stitch because while I was knitting it the hat started going away from me on the needles, instead of coming towards me. It was kind of like I was knitting it inside out. Weird. I think I should have used less stitches or used smaller needles also. But all in all I think it’s a pretty cool looking hat.

If anyone thinks a pattern is worth writing, leave me a message, and I’ll type it out for you and post it.