Camo hat


A hat in a day. One more Christmas present off my list. Yay!

Booties and Hats


I’ve been making booties like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t take very long to make, which is nice. I find that sewing seams is not as great as I thought. I suppose I prefer knitting in the round. The colors are flame orange, military camouflage, purple, pink, and yellow. The yellow ones are spoken for.

I knit this hat for a new infant due in December, to go with the yellow booties. Now I have to make mittens, and then another set of hat, booties, and mittens.


Hunting Hat


I finished this hat today. It’s in a toddler size. One if my sister -in -laws is pregnant and she and her husband both like hunting/camo stuff. I went to the nice yarn shop and they didn’t have anything like that so I went to Joann’s and they had both military camo and this mossy camo in the Red Heart brand. I like how the stripes came out. I’m going to make some booties to match.