More Knits for the Craft Fair

DSCN0786 Festive Christmas toddler and newborn size hats.

DSCN0858 DSCN0862 Festive mittens for your toddler.

DSCN0871And camo mittens for boys.


All I want for Christmas…


Yarn and bookbag… presents from my mommmmmyyyyyyyyy


a baton holder and pillows…


a stand so I can practice at home… and a guitar!


a table to eat on… so I don’t spill soup all over my bed, and an
empty Pride and Prejudice… which now holds all my notecards


a purse from Africa, the sale of which fed a family for half a month…
and my cousin’s artwork inspired by doors

I never feel like I deserve any of this.  Praise God for awesome relatives.