Colorado Trip

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These are pictures from our recent trip back home.  We went to the Denver Aquarium which is awesome. Our daughter loves animals right now. We miss Colorado. I just got the camera and then lost the charger and cord to plug it in the computer. This is why I didn’t post for over a month. Who wants a post without pictures?

Pictures from Krystal’s camera

dad and sunflower seeds

Dad handing me some sunflower seeds before the hike.


Mom and I are exhausted... she at least had some water.

Mom and I are exhausted... she at least had some water left.


My family at hanging lake.

My family at hanging lake (excluding my sister & her kids).


Out of the mountains to Galveston Beach.

Out of the mountains to Galveston Beach.

Road Trip

Backwards roadtrip.  I arrived back in Wichita at 3am.  I dropped off my cousin, Krystal and her friend Ryan off at her house at 1:30ish am.  I picked up my key at Nicky’s house (which I left with her so she would be able to water my plants – thank you!).  We left Houston at noon.  The day before we visited the Galveston Beach and we miraculously found a parking spot on Seawall Drive.  The day before, I found these clarinet Christmas ornaments at the Strand – Christmas on the Strand shop.  I can never find anything clarinet oriented, so when I saw these, I just had to buy them.


The day before that, we went to the Galleria.   A very huge mall in Houston.  I walked by an Armani store and a whole bunch of other stores that only really rich people shop at.  I went into Borders with David, whom I had met earlier that day.  On Wednesday, we travelled to Houston from Denver through New Mexico and drove on some safety corridors, which I thought had something to do with some sort of volcanic mountain, which i thought was strange to have inland, but alas, it’s only for traffic safety.

We went to Hanging Lake in Colorado.  It took us a long time to drive there.  And it took hours to climb up the trail.  You can only get to the lake by hiking.

cliffs river river hanging lake two roads diverged in a wood

We went to the alluvial fan in Rocky Mountain National Park.  There were very little people driving through the park, it was cloudy and cold.

tree  alluvial fan 

We went to the garden of the gods and saw the kissing camels.

kissing camels 

My mom drove us up Pikes Peak, and the brakes didn’t get hot as we were coming back down.

mountains from Pikes Peak 

The day we arrived we went to Boulder Falls.

Boulder Falls

On the way to Colorado, we saw these fans, to save energy.  They’re building even more of them.

 wind power 

We left about 10:30am on Saturday Morning.