The Fall Festival



It took me a couple full days to finish these costumes. I am evidently not so good with elastic. Everything with elastic was too big. I made the knee pads for Wonder Red with elastic and they are down around her ankles. Oops.

This was at our Fall Festival at our Church. They had games for the kids to play to get candy or a toy prize. They had a bouncy house, which by far was the most popular thing for all the kids.



I could not for the life of me find a pink crown. I found purple, green, silver, and more, but no pink ones. So we went to the dollar store to improvise. I bought pink foam crown shapes, and pipe cleaners. I used hot glue to fold over the bottom of the crown to encase the pipe cleaners to hold it onto her head, and also to glue on the gems to the crown. However, her forehead turned pink… and it just had to wear off, wipes didn’t help.



Next year, I hope I choose something less labor intensive. My house certainly did not thank me for all the hours I neglected it to make these costumes. But the girls were so happy. 🙂


Princess Pea Gloves

Instead of buying gloves for halloween… besides who knows where to find those nice gloves in pink…. for a relatively cheap price? I decided to knit them. It’s my first time knitting gloves. I’ve done mittens, but not gloves. I used to think that it’s very difficult to pick up stitches, but actually, it’s not that bad. I think I get better at it each time I do it.

I need to put a bright green fringe on the cuff, but other than that, I have one hand done. I used this pattern. I have to say that it is confusing. I had to assume several things for it to make sense to me. Maybe I just don’t have enough experience reading patterns, but they should try and make it a little bit easier. Plus the format kind of sucks.

DSCN0887 DSCN0888 DSCN0893