Our First Craft Fair

We had a booth at Walton’s 7th Annual Rural Life Festival. It was the first time that my sister-in-laws and I got together to try and sell our crafts. It was a super small craft fair… /flea market. I think that our table looked like one of the best there. However, there weren’t many people there. We had baby quilts, the everything blanket (good for swaddling, a covering when nursing, a car seat cover, you know – everything), crochet baby headbands, and my knitted hats, mittens, scarves, and handwarmers. We didn’t have very much luck selling. We sold three things: two everything blankets and one scarf. We’re going to try doing a facebook page – although we have yet to figure out a name, and sell our stuff from that. However, if you’re interested, you can send me a message or a comment and you can custom order anything from here.



Stash Busting

Here’s a Ribbon Scarf that I’m making for a craft fair for next month. I hope some kids will think it’s cool enough to beg their moms to buy it for them.



Knitting projects

I knit this one from a ravelry download: A simple seamless dress.¬†I have to say that it got really boring in the middle of the dress because it’s a bunch of knit stitches without any shaping. I put it down for a while during that phase because I just had to do something else more interesting.



This hat was my first attempt at fair isle knitting. I found the fair isle pattern in a book, and I used a basic hat pattern for the shaping. I realized that you can’t use a connecting pattern if you’re knitting in the round because it’ll look like you’re one stitch off where you join in the round. Also I need to figure out a better way to do the top of the hat as far as ¬†figuring out when I’m decreasing and how to keep the pattern the same visually. This hat is for a toddler, at least it fits my 2 1/2 year old.

A group of my sister-in-laws are making baby oriented products like hats, blankets, bibs, etc. to sell at a local craft fair later this year. So I figured I’d start early so I’d have enough stuff to sell.