A Knitted Dress


I used a simple seamless dress pattern from Ravelry to start this. I made one of these dresses for my daughter when she was younger (smaller) and it got to the point where the dress went to her mid-thigh, which was a bit short for me. So I decided to make her another one, and hand the earlier one down to her sister. I cannot tell you how much they wear these dresses. I think they might possibly be their favorite piece of clothing. I used some fair isle peeries and stripes with variegated yarn. It was too hard to use the variegated yarn with the solid yarn for fair isle patterns because I couldn’t see the pattern when the two yarns were the same color.


She had to lay her phone down on the ground to pose for the picture.

Binge watching and knitting

I was going to watch the season finale of Once Upon A Time last night, but when it started I realized that I had missed something. Two episodes, in fact, so I went to Hulu and finished watching those. Then I watched the finale. I went to bed after 11 last night. I am shocked, happy for Regina, and excited for the new characters coming to the show. After all Merlin has got to be awesome and I can’t wait for their stories concerning King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. After all, you can’t have Merlin without Arthur. 

  I’m knitting this dress for my eldest daughter. The one I had knit before was coming to her mid – thigh, which is just too short. So it became a hand me down. This dress is improvised with a basic pattern and I’m inserting rows of fair isle with rows of variegated yarn. I tried to use fair isle on all the rows, but it is really difficult to keep track of where you’re at when the contrast yarn is the same color at some points as the background color, so I just scrapped the fair isle with the variegated yarn. 

Upcycled Dress


I bought this shirt for myself a while ago. It’s not really my style. I liked the fabric, but the shirt is more hippy-ish than I am. So I decided to make it into a dress for my daughter. I cut the sides out and sewed up the sides.  I took the drawstrings from the shirt and used them for shoulder straps. They’re still a bit long, so I need to fix that. But all in all I think it turned out well.

Knitting projects

I knit this one from a ravelry download: A simple seamless dress. I have to say that it got really boring in the middle of the dress because it’s a bunch of knit stitches without any shaping. I put it down for a while during that phase because I just had to do something else more interesting.



This hat was my first attempt at fair isle knitting. I found the fair isle pattern in a book, and I used a basic hat pattern for the shaping. I realized that you can’t use a connecting pattern if you’re knitting in the round because it’ll look like you’re one stitch off where you join in the round. Also I need to figure out a better way to do the top of the hat as far as  figuring out when I’m decreasing and how to keep the pattern the same visually. This hat is for a toddler, at least it fits my 2 1/2 year old.

A group of my sister-in-laws are making baby oriented products like hats, blankets, bibs, etc. to sell at a local craft fair later this year. So I figured I’d start early so I’d have enough stuff to sell.