A Knitted Dress


I used a simple seamless dress pattern from Ravelry to start this. I made one of these dresses for my daughter when she was younger (smaller) and it got to the point where the dress went to her mid-thigh, which was a bit short for me. So I decided to make her another one, and hand the earlier one down to her sister. I cannot tell you how much they wear these dresses. I think they might possibly be their favorite piece of clothing. I used some fair isle peeries and stripes with variegated yarn. It was too hard to use the variegated yarn with the solid yarn for fair isle patterns because I couldn’t see the pattern when the two yarns were the same color.


She had to lay her phone down on the ground to pose for the picture.

Binge watching and knitting

I was going to watch the season finale of Once Upon A Time last night, but when it started I realized that I had missed something. Two episodes, in fact, so I went to Hulu and finished watching those. Then I watched the finale. I went to bed after 11 last night. I am shocked, happy for Regina, and excited for the new characters coming to the show. After all Merlin has got to be awesome and I can’t wait for their stories concerning King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. After all, you can’t have Merlin without Arthur. 

  I’m knitting this dress for my eldest daughter. The one I had knit before was coming to her mid – thigh, which is just too short. So it became a hand me down. This dress is improvised with a basic pattern and I’m inserting rows of fair isle with rows of variegated yarn. I tried to use fair isle on all the rows, but it is really difficult to keep track of where you’re at when the contrast yarn is the same color at some points as the background color, so I just scrapped the fair isle with the variegated yarn. 

Slowly but surely…

   This is the first mitten.   

It’s a flip flap mitten that I heavily modified. The original mitten was not a flip flap mitten.   

My mom asked me for a thumb to pull back so she could use her phone. I didn’t think it would be good to keep a fair isle pattern with that thumb because of the hole I put it in, so I kept it solid.      My mom’s fingers are longer than mine so I had to extend the pattern that I had (which I think that the girl who made the pattern has smaller hands than me). I used a size bigger needles than it called for too. 

The second mitten is about 60% done. And then I have to figure out how to block it. 

Baby Blanket


My cousin has decided to become a foster mother. She’s approved for infants to 2 year olds… which means she’s not going to get a lot of sleep. But I thought I’d give her some of my hand knits. I’m using two strands of baby yarn together and a 10 1/2 circular needle. I think this is going to be awesome. After I’m done blocking it, I’m going to put a piece of fabric on the back so you can’t pull the fair isle floats. I’m using a cross stitch pattern as my fair isle pattern. I bought it on Etsy. I’m planning on doing most of them blue, and one of them bright neon yellow. I hope it turns out well.



Baby Shower

DSCN0977 DSCN0978

I didn’t use a pattern for this hat. It took me a while to figure out a stitch repeat that would work with the number of stitches I cast on.

DSCN0979 DSCN0980



These booties are from this pattern.IMG_0215This scarf is also going with this gift. It doesn’t match, but it is still green and white.


Custom Fair Isle Hat


I finished this hat last night. It’s definitely big enough. It might be a little too big, but the recipient can still wear it and keep wearing it for a long time.

I decided to use size 4 needles, and I added a stitch repeat, just to make sure that it wouldn’t be too small. The yarn was a charm to work with – DK Superwash Merino.

You can read about my first try here. And this post explains my inspiration.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.


Small snowflakes


I measured my gauge on size 3 needles with the grey yarn in stockinette stitch. It was 6 stitches to an inch. So I figured that I’d do 108 stitches for a youth size head at 18 inches, according to a chart I found. I just checked the gauge and it’s 8 stitches to an inch. So it’s a lot smaller than I calculated. Also it’s not as stretchy as I would like either. I just put it on my daughter’s 3 year old head to check, and it was pretty tight. So I think I’m going to have to take it out and start over. Maybe I should do bigger needles. I’m also not sure why the edge is rolling. It’s a k1,p1 rib, but the knit is one color, and the purl is another color, I don’t know if that would effect it at all.



Read about the inspiration for this hat here: Fair Isle Custom Order


Mittens for Mom

I wanted to make something for my mom for Christmas. We settled on mittens. She wanted to be able to push the button on her camera with her finger, but had to take her whole glove off to do it, so I thought fingerless mittens were the way to go… and then I’m to add a top to the mittens. I tried to find a pattern on ravelry that would do it, but I think I’m going to try and meld two together.

Flip Flap Mittens and Snowy Woods Mittens

I read through the flip flap mittens pattern and determined that I had to do it myself just as the pattern was written before trying to take the flip flap part of it out and add it to the Snowy Woods Mittens. So I’m knitting a pair of flip flap mittens for myself. I knitted three swatches today, using a size 3, 4, and 5 needle. The gauge on the 4 & 5 was exactly the same…. weird, I thought. And evidently I knit waaaay to tight, because size 3 was way off. Needle 4 is only a tiny bit off, so I’m going to use that one, though the pattern calls for size 3. I’m glad I checked the gauge, I usually don’t. Maybe I will from now on. The only bad part is that I don’t have size 4 double pointed needles. I’m using this yarn. I’m rather excited about it. It looked pretty awesome when I was swatching it.


So in the meantime I started the infant mittens from purl soho until I can get the DPNs. I’m using 3 ply yarn and no accents for this particular pair. We’ll see how it works out.