Around the Farm

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This is the back “pasture” of our farm. It has a bunch of trees seeding tiny trees. Because there’s basically no sun reaching the bottom, there is no grass growing back there. There are a bunch of old leaves covering the ground also. I haven’t done much research on this, but a low yield burn may just be what we need for that. Next summer we plan on cutting down the big trees and having a big party to invite a ton of people to come help. Firewood as a give away for those who come help.


Yes that is rusty barbed wire randomly on the ground back there.


This is a tree that’s in the hedgerow close to the garden. It’s HUGE! Four to five people could probably stand around it with their arms out spread holding hands.


This is the garden. Wait, you say, it looks more like a lawn. Yes because someone planted a tall grass for the cows to eat, but never let them over in that area to have them eat it. Then it seeded and spread the seed all over the garden.

This is the ancient rototiller. With a tub with a hole on it to “cover” it from the weather. It broke down halfway through the job. Time for a new one, I’d say.

Yes, that’s a bunch of junk that’s probably been sitting there for years.

This is one of the four peach trees. Not pruned very well.

This is another peach tree and cherry tree.


These are the two apricot trees that haven’t produced for 15 years. I’ve collected soil samples to take to the extension office to see if we can fix it by icing the soil. Hopefully we don’t have to cut hem down.

This is the pear tree. We canned 16 quarts of pears from this, plus probably a 5 gallon barrel we gave away.
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Two more peach trees. That big tree is supposed to be a pecan tree, but it has never produced anything for lack of another tree to pollinate it or something like that. Evidently someone mowed over it in their teenage years.

20120923-162512.jpg 20120923-162523.jpg

The garden after one run through with the rototiller and a raking. And after the second one and raking.
20120923-162531.jpg 20120923-162538.jpg

My husband is using the tractor to cut down the tall grass around the garden. Hopefully we’ll have another free day to prep the garden and use the tractor again as well as my husband’s grandfather’s rototiller, which is substantially newer than the one pictured above.

Iris beds

Yesterday I spent most of the morning digging a bed to put the irises into. Then in the afternoon I dug up 100 iris bulbs that were jammed together and replanted them in the bed I dug that morning. There are so many of the rhizomes in just that one bed. I’m estimating about 600 in that bed. That is just too much work to do every several years, especially because there are more beds like that- like at least 6 of them.