Life Goals: Begin with God

In your occupation, what is your attitude of mind? And how do you carry out your occupation? Have you made up your own mind that your occupation is your real calling so that you do not have to make explanation hinge on the result, maintaining that it was not your real calling if the results are not favorable, if your efforts do not succeed? Alas, such fickleness weakens a man immeasurably. Therefore persevere. By God’s help and by your own faithfulness something good will come from the unpromising beginning. For there are beginnings everywhere, and there are good beginnings, where you begin with God; and no day is the wrong one to begin upon – not even an unpromising one, if you begin with God.

– Kierkegaard, Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing

The art of being poor

The sins of the rich, such as greed and selfishness, are obvious for all to see.  The sins of the poor are less conspicuous, yet equally corrosive of the soul.  Some poor people are tempted to envy the rich; indeed this is a form of vicarious greed, because the poor person wanting great wealth.  Many poor people are gripped by fear: their hearts are caught in a chain of anxiety, worrying whether they will have food on their plates tomorrow or clothes on their backs.  Some poor people are constantly formulating in their minds devious plans to cheat the rich to obtain their wealth; this is no different in spirit from the rich making plans to exploit the poor by paying low wages.  The art of being poor is to trust in God for everything, to demand nothing-and to be grateful for all that is given.

On Living Simply – St. John Chrysostom