Projects In Progress

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This is a hat I’ve started in an all over 2×2 rib. I love this color- bright blue. It should work up quickly.

DSCN0969 DSCN0971I finally got my husband to agree to wear something I knit for him. I pulled it out 3 times because it wasn’t wide enough. It’s just a 2×2 rib. It’s not curling – which is something that happened the last time I tried knitting him a scarf. It might take a while to actually get this long enough. At least it’s a mindless knit that I can do when watching TV or reading a book.



Uncrossed Cables Hat




I had my own pattern in my head when I was making this hat. I started with a 2×2 rib on the rim and kept three of them as cables, while using reverse stockinette stitch. I think though I should have just used a garter stitch because while I was knitting it the hat started going away from me on the needles, instead of coming towards me. It was kind of like I was knitting it inside out. Weird. I think I should have used less stitches or used smaller needles also. But all in all I think it’s a pretty cool looking hat.

If anyone thinks a pattern is worth writing, leave me a message, and I’ll type it out for you and post it.

Custom Fair Isle Hat


I finished this hat last night. It’s definitely big enough. It might be a little too big, but the recipient can still wear it and keep wearing it for a long time.

I decided to use size 4 needles, and I added a stitch repeat, just to make sure that it wouldn’t be too small. The yarn was a charm to work with – DK Superwash Merino.

You can read about my first try here. And this post explains my inspiration.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.


Small snowflakes


I measured my gauge on size 3 needles with the grey yarn in stockinette stitch. It was 6 stitches to an inch. So I figured that I’d do 108 stitches for a youth size head at 18 inches, according to a chart I found. I just checked the gauge and it’s 8 stitches to an inch. So it’s a lot smaller than I calculated. Also it’s not as stretchy as I would like either. I just put it on my daughter’s 3 year old head to check, and it was pretty tight. So I think I’m going to have to take it out and start over. Maybe I should do bigger needles. I’m also not sure why the edge is rolling. It’s a k1,p1 rib, but the knit is one color, and the purl is another color, I don’t know if that would effect it at all.



Read about the inspiration for this hat here: Fair Isle Custom Order


Booties and Hats


I’ve been making booties like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t take very long to make, which is nice. I find that sewing seams is not as great as I thought. I suppose I prefer knitting in the round. The colors are flame orange, military camouflage, purple, pink, and yellow. The yellow ones are spoken for.

I knit this hat for a new infant due in December, to go with the yellow booties. Now I have to make mittens, and then another set of hat, booties, and mittens.


My little pumpkin

DSCN0712 DSCN0713

This is the newest addition to my little craft fair store. It is the first hat I’ve made with 100% wool yarn. I thought it would be itchy, but I don’t really think it is. I saw a hat kind of like this in a carter’s store in town, and I thought, boy… I could totally make that. So that was my inspiration for this hat. 

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