My compost garden


This is the very first compost pile that I made last year. I just put all the kitchen scraps in it and let it go. I’m not sure what all those plants are, but some look like tomatoes and others like squash or pumpkins. I don’t know if it’s completely safe to put this on the garden yet. I still see eggshells in it. What do you think? Spread it on the garden now?

Fixing the Garden

We’ve been having trouble with rabbits, I think. I see them in the yard all the time. I think they’re eating the green beans. The leaves are gone. Also, there are little ones here that like to dig in the dirt and play with plants…DSCN0362So I bought some chicken wire. I thought that I’d put it inside the cinder blocks, and cut the chicken wire in half so I’d have enough for the whole garden. I, however, did not let my husband in on the plan (Oops). So he goes out there to do it and he’s like… “did you not measure?” I guess this is where communication issues come into place. 🙂 We talked about it and we decided to keep it on the outside of the cinder blocks. So my husband went to the store to buy some more chicken wire.DSCN0370And a couple zucchini plants and a cucumber plant magically appeared in the garden after that trip. 😉 Of the three zucchini plants that I planted, one has died and another might survive. But we really like zucchini and I don’t want to take any chances. I hope I don’t kill any more plants.
DSCN0371I bought some marigolds the other day because I read somewhere that they’re good for repelling pests. And hey, a little color wouldn’t hurt, right?


I had planted basil inside and I figured today was a good day to plant it outside. They now live beside the tomato plants. I hope all goes well from now on.DSCN0358

Garden Update


We had some trouble with the zucchini and cucumber. I thought I was overwatering, so I cut back. But that was evidently not the right thing to do. So now we’re watering a lot more now.




The tomato plants aren’t doing that bad.



The onions are sure taking off.


The green beans are lookin’ good. I don’t know what’s up with the one without leaves. Maybe bunnies.



Working the Garden

I’m continuing the summary for my own use of the Organic Gardening book I’m reading.

Chapter 4: Working the Organic Garden

If you plant your seeds in a hexagonal pattern, there will be less moisture loss and less germination of seeds because the foliage will cover the soil. Start by planting one seed at the corners and one seed in the center.

It is important to sterilize the seed starting equipment. Clean them and let them sit in a diluted bleach solution so as to get rid of any diseases that may be on the containers from last year.

Water the seedlings from the bottom – it encourages root growth. Mulch to reduce moisture loss. Only put mulch on a week after seedlings have become established in the garden. Turn the mulch under at the end of the season so it has time to decompose, don’t wait until the next spring.Use hay/straw/grass clippings as mulch. Most wood mulches rob the soil of nitrogen when they rot.

There’s a fairly large fruit/tree planting and care section, which I am skipping over because I don’t plan on doing that right now.

The next section is a detailed description of the plants. How to sow them and their care and maintenance, and how to harvest them.


I have been wanting to repot this jade plant that I received from a couple I used to go to church with in Topeka.  It started out very small and got very large.  The original plant is in the bottom right photo.  When I first got it, it was about the size of the top right photo.  All of these plants have been on one pot for the past year kind of growing on top of each other.  I’ve wanted to separate them for some time, and today I got the motivation and time to do it.

You’ll also notice in the top left of the bottom right photo is another jade plant that I took as a transplant from the rest of the plants earlier.  It’s amazing that sometimes even new plants can grow from just one leaf!  I’m trying that with another pot as well.  The plant has been laying on its side for a while, which is why, you’ll notice, all the leaves are pointing sideways instead of up.

Anybody want one?

Corn on the cob

While I was baking white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies (to be eaten before Friday) and boiling potatoes and onions, mashing them with sour cream and cheese… and boiling some green beans for the side… I was listening to this (Frederica Mathewes-Green).  It’s pretting interesting.

I finished all the problems on the Statistics test today, and I think I even got some of them right.  Hopefully it’ll bring my grade up.  I find out tomorrow morning what I got… hopefully.  *edit* I passed. 😀  But tomorrow is another make up test, to replace another bad grade on a previous test.  *end edit*

I went to my grandparents house this afternoon to feed their cats and take care of their mail.  While I was out there, I thought I might as well see my mom’s parents too.  We had BLT’s, corn on the cob and cantaloupe… everything except the BL’s was from their garden.  I got to take home a couple cucumbers, ears of corn, the green beans that I had for dinner, and some tomatoes.  yummm…. next week I’m going to go help them harvest another session of corn.  Did I mention I love corn on the cob?


By the way, the balcony pot garden idea does not work, if I haven’t mentioned that before.  Don’t try it.  Other good news, it rained a lot today, so I don’t have to water my remaining plants.  I’m going to try and start more shoots of the jade plant from their leaves, also another leaf from a flowering plant that looks a lot like jade, I can’t remember what it’s called now.  But it was soooo pretty.  The leaves had purple on the outside edge, and the flowers were purple.  I hope it works.