I went outside with Anastasia today, after unloading 9 boxes of kitchen stuff and filling them with what was already there. I heard very loud gobbling. In the south field there must have been at least a herd of 50 turkeys. Sorry for the bad quality photo.


I put on another layer of leaves on the mini rose bush flower bed. We got a slight frost a couple weeks ago. Now it’s in the 70s and 80s.


Mini Rose Bushes Done

I finally was in the mood to finish the rose bush flower bed. I realized the other day that I should just use leaves as mulch instead if buying it. Hopefully it squashes some of the grass whose roots I couldn’t get. I’ll continue to put more layers on as needed.


Mini Rose Bushes

My grandmother had these mini rosebushes planted a long time ago. They have pretty much suffered from years of neglect. There was/is grass and weeds growing up all throughout the bed. The closest thing to mulch that I think was ever used was sand. Ick. I pruned the first three bushes after I tried to dig up all the grass and pull out the weeds. It does look a lot better now, though I’m only half done with the bed. I did some research just now on how to keep it from coming back. Evidently you need to cover it with 1/2 inch of newspaper and then some shredded wood mulch. I’m not sure that that’s a luxury we can afford right now, so I suppose I’ll have to either figure out an alternative wood mulch or just keep picking the grass next year until we can afford it.



One of the rosebushes has a bud on it. Pretty.


This is the end of the project today. Not too bad.