Maybe I got a little overzealous in the amount of seeds that I put in each container. I guess I’m used to having old seeds. But these are awesome. I’m so excited!

Beginning of a Garden

I started some seeds today using some of Jiffy’s Organic Seed Starting Mix. I had been saving my egg cartons for someday when we have chickens and live on a farm. But I realized recently that that probably won’t happen for another 20-30 years, so hey, I’ll use them for seed starting.

After starting I realized that I should have used warm water to moisten the soil, so I switched to that in the middle. I don’t have a heating mat, so I’m guessing that that will help it along a little bit. I started strawberries, beefsteak tomatoes, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and pink brandywine tomatoes, lavender, chives, lettuce, nasturtiums, petunias, and marigolds. It is a little early to be planting the flowers, but they are old seeds and I don’t know if they’ll come up. Hopefully the flowers will help with the nasty bug population by attracting good predator bugs.

While I was planting, one of my daughters knocked over the cup of water that I was using to moisten the soil. It got all over the rest of the seed packets. I set them all out to dry, hopefully it’s not screwed up.

Garden update


We planted some zucchini that I had started indoors. It was about 3 inches tall so I decided it was time. I put a milk jug over the tops of them so that it would act kind of like a greenhouse. I also had a cucumber plant that was ready for planting.

As far as seeds go I planted 5 green bean plants. Some parsley, chives, and some green onions. I have regular yellow onions and shallots planted.

I still have eggplant growing inside and a tomato plant. I also have a bunch of sweet basil starting to germinate. I’m excited about this garden!>

Organic Seed Resources

Renee’s Garden – Most of the seeds are 2.79 or 2.99. All of these are organic.

Mainstreet Seed and Supply – sells seeds by the ounce or pound, so I’m not sure exactly how that works out as far as affordability goes. Not all of these seeds are organic, but they do have an organic section.

Burpee – It seems like all these seeds are 3.95/package. They do have a good selection though. Not all are organic.

Botanical Interests – most expensive seeds are 5.49, but most seeds are under the $2 mark.

High Mowing Seeds – sold by the ounce or pound. All organic seeds

Park Seed – Wide variety in price, not a great selection it seems.

Grow Organic – only sells in quantities of 1/4 lb. more than I want to pay currently.

Natural Gardening Company – Prices seem a bit high.