Grandpa’s socks



I started these socks a while ago. It uses super small needles – 2.5 mm. I thought I was going to make two pairs of them for Christmas… but now I’m doubting myself to get enough time to do it. I think they look pretty awesome.


Socks for Dad

DSCN0777 DSCN0778

I am going to make some socks for my dad. I started with my figuring out my gauge. This will be my first pair of socks to knit. I’m using Purl Soho’s pattern. I’m not doing the stripes because I’m using a variegated yarn. I had four or five rounds knit on my needles, but I went upstairs to do something and when I came back downstairs, the needles were not where they were supposed to be. Very sad.

My First Time Knitting Socks


One of the things on my ‘I want to knit this’ list is a pair of socks. I thought I’d make some for my dad for Christmas – so I’d definitely have enough time to finish them. I looked on Ravelry for a pattern that started on double pointed needles from the tube of the sock to the toe… and a manly sock as well. My dad also has large feet, so that whittled down the choices even more. Most of the patterns I saw had small, medium, and large sock sizes. I found one that had an XL size, so I’m making that one. Here’s my project.

I didn’t look at the pattern before I started the rib, so I did a 1×1 rib, instead of a 2×2 rib. Oops. It’s not going to be exactly what the pattern says, but it’ll work. Next time I’ll try one with dpns.