Before you watch TV

    And then this happens. I took the picture after they put the bookshelf back against the wall. 

I think I’ve been using the television as some sort of stress preventer. I easily get stressed after stuff like the above picture happens… Which is basically everyday. I have trouble getting the kids to pick up. I pretty much always help them pick up, but the kids are ages 4,3,2,1. And none of them pick up when I tell them to. One of them always seems to escape picking up in general. I honestly don’t know how to get them all engaged at the same time. 

My husband has been trying to get me to use the TV less. I have tried other things like earning stickers for chores, etc. before they can watch tv. So hopefully I can keep up with this list. Everything on the list has to be done before they can watch tv. Here’s hoping…