Finished: Toddler Apron



Isn’t this how every craft session starts? When I started sewing, the was trying to catch my hand as it fed the fabric through the machine.




I put the right sides of the ruffle and the bottom of the apron together. I also put the draw strings next to them as well. I ironed the seam after I was done, and sewed on the pocket.





Trying to get a picture was difficult.


This was as good as it was going to get. It’s a bit big, but she’ll use it for a long time.



Progress: Toddler apron


Mostly ironing was what I did today. I folded the waist and neck strings right sides together and ironed them. I seamed two  sides together, and cut the square edge off diagonally.


IMG_0705 Then I turned them right side out.

IMG_0706 And ironed them again.

IMG_0708I worked on the pocket, ironing the sides back and hemming the top of the pocket.

IMG_0707I also hemmed the bottom ruffle – after ironing a double fold. I was able to sew a baste stitch to gather it.

Then I heard a two year old whimpering down the stairs. So I picked her up and she’s now sleeping on my lap.


Sewing: Toddler Apron



My kids love to be in the kitchen and being my sous chefs. I only have one apron that I bought for my eldest daughter, while my youngest was still an infant. Let’s just say there are fights over the one apron, which is bright pink. I bought it from Hobby Lobby.

During the last part of “nap time” today I cut out these pieces. I traced the main part of the apron onto a newspaper for a template. Then I guesstimated a straight piece for a ruffle, two draw strings to tie together, and a piece to hold it onto the neck (I have no idea if that has a special name or not).

Next I plan to iron all the pieces and hems. I suppose we’ll see how far I’ll get during the next nap time…. which will probably be Monday.

Worms and the little toddlers who cried wolf… or worm

DSCN0751 I found these on my tomato plants this morning. I got to close and then I cried “what the heck is that?” I had never seen one before. They were clearing off the leaves on my plants and some tomatoes. They look rather sad now. Evidently they are hornworms, and there’s nothing to do but take them off. No, I did not use my hands directly. I’m a little squeamish for that. I can tell you that they squirt green juice if it takes a while to take them off with a long metal scooper thing, yes, that is the technical term. I found four of them this morning, and just now I found two more. I took four of my almost ripe tomatoes off the plants just in case I didn’t see one and it decided to eat my whole plant while I was sleeping.

This morning when I was picking them off, my daughter and nephew, 3 and almost 3, respectively, were pointing and saying “worm!” and screaming. They told me they saw a worm… everywhere apparently. I never really understood how annoying it was to have someone cry wolf.


Upcycled Dress


I bought this shirt for myself a while ago. It’s not really my style. I liked the fabric, but the shirt is more hippy-ish than I am. So I decided to make it into a dress for my daughter. I cut the sides out and sewed up the sides.  I took the drawstrings from the shirt and used them for shoulder straps. They’re still a bit long, so I need to fix that. But all in all I think it turned out well.