Garden goodness


This zucchini plant has blossoms on it. It is the one I bought from the store. The one I planted from seed has 3 leaves. 


A pretty good looking watermelon plant. I did plant that one from seed. 


Okra from seed. Not too shabby. 

One of the tomato plants. Bought it from the store. They all look good. 


So this is the end of the sunflower plant. Maybe the ants killed the fly. I’m not sure. They were climbing all over it. 


I put up some string wrapped around the fence so that the green beans had something to climb on. One of them already is taking to it. Yay. Now if only I can get the acorn squash plant to follow. 


Garden progress

   These are the best looking plants of the bunch. Watermelon. And I used old seeds too.  Pretty awesome.   Below is the second watermelon plant. I honestly didn’t think that any watermelon would come up at all. I planted about 10 seeds and these two plants came up.    

These are carrots. I planted the rest of the packet, old seeds. I didn’t think any would come up. Happy surprise.   

This is thyme. Old seeds again. I planted some last year, but it did NOT do well. I hope this continues in a good way. I use thyme a lot in my cooking.   

A green bean starting to come through. I love green beans. I hope we get loads of green beans so I can can them. 

   This is broccoli. Not too bad. I’ve never grown it before. It looks super interesting.  The kids are having fun looking in the milk jugs.