Weight Loss and the South Beach Diet – Phase one


I haven’t really lost any weight since October last year. I was doing weight watchers, and I’m thankful that I was able to lose 50 pounds while on it. But after a while it just sucks to have to enter every food that you eat into your phone. Especially when I cook so much at home, to enter the recipe in the recipe builder every time I tried a new recipe (which was frequently) was more than I wanted to do. I also have become a bit more aware of all the nasty stuff in a lot of foods lots of artificial, yes, FDA approved, but really unhealthy things. I especially am a bit concerned with the low-fat foods which add more sugar and other additives to make it taste good.

My husband started the South Beach Diet a couple weeks before Great Lent during the week that was fast free. He’s lost almost 20 pounds so far, and hasn’t exercised as much as he used to. So now that this week is fast free, I’m starting the same thing. I always thought the South Beach Diet was a bit daunting, but since I saw him do it, I feel it’s more doable. The thing that I’m dreading the most is the lack of bread for the first two weeks. I looooove bread! Hopefully I can get a jump start on my weight loss again. I have another 35-40 pounds to go. I guess I’ll see what I look like when I get there. I’m still considered overweight, but no longer obese.

I started at 231 after my second daughter was born, and now I’m at 178 pounds. My goal is around 145 pounds. I was a size 18/20 and I just bought a new pair of pants today, a size 10. It’s so awesome. I’ve never been that size before in my entire life.


This is my grocery shopping trip for this week. Lots of cheese, milk, yogurt, veggies. I’m so excited for dairy!

Relish by Daphne Oz and Oh no, she didn’t by Clinton Kelly

More books not on my list to read, but I read them all the same.

I checked out Relish and Oh No She Didn’t from the library. I am an unabashed watcher of the Chew. I found that show after I started staying home with my children, so of course I have to read these books. 🙂

I read Oh No She Didn’t in one evening. It was a really fast read. I have to say that the fashion crime that I commit the most is wearing too many solids and solids all the time. Some of the anecdotes were hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times.


I absolutely loved this book. It is so helpful that I’m considering buying a copy for reference. She goes through recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails which I’ll definitely try. She goes through her weight struggle, which I identify with, in being overweight my entire life, and only now have I lost almost 50 pounds, with another 35 to go. There are tips for buying groceries that are healthy, fitness tips, tips to take care of your body (think hair, skin, etc.). There’s a chapter with explanations of how you should arrange and decorate your home, which I found quite helpful. One I found really awesome was the “Stress-Free Hostess” chapter. She includes a chapter on how to interact with family and friends: big emphasis on standards vs. expectations in there, many good points.

Other current reading: Treasure Island